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General Terms and Conditions - information on the product.

We supply the following products: cold bent galvanized steel profiles. The profiles we produce are of standard lengths.

At a customer’s request, however, we can supply profiles with non-standard lengths and offer custom cutting of profiles to meet the requested dimensions. The packing and designation of profiles is conducted in a standard mode, compliant with the requirements of Polish standards and regulations. Individual

customized mode of profile packing and designation is possible

each time after obtaining prior confirmation of the manufacturer.

Payment terms

Supplies are executed in accordance with the price list applicable on the day of a written order confirmation. Payment due date is established individually and counted from the day of the dispatch. The date of actual payment shall be the date of crediting the amount due to the bank account.

In the case of any defaults in payments Ferrum-profil System s.c. reserves the right to charge statutory interest for the default period.

Delivery conditions

Delivery dates are individually arranged by the parties. Ferrum -Profil System S.C. offers transportation to the customer for orders above 10 tons, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

In the case of transportation executed by Ferrum-Profil System S.C., the customer is obliged to ensure proper conditions and equipment necessary for efficient unloading of the vehicle.


Ferrum Profil System S.C. supplies products based on the appropriate material and quality standards regarding a given type of products, as well as based on the company’s quality control system.

Complaints and product collection principles

The customer shall be obliged to conduct a delivery control of the quantity and quality of the products during their delivery/receipt.


  • complaints regarding quantity should be reported immediately after unloading
  • complaints regarding quality in the case of visible defects should be reported immediately after unloading, not later, however, than within 2 days of the date of delivery
  • complaints regarding quality in the case of concealed defects should be reported not later than within 60 days of the date of delivery Complaints should be reported in a written form. When reporting a complaint, please provide the following information: product reference code, batch number (found on labels), quantity, cause of complainant.

Storage and warehousing conditions

Reinforcements should be stored and warehoused in a manner that prevents any deformations, squeezing and bending. Sections should be protected against the adverse impact of atmospheric conditions in order to fully retain their properties.